Cool Mom

I don’t know if my relationship with my mom is what people would call close. We only have each other, but we’re not as close as Lorelai and Rory are in Gilmore Girls. I’m also not emotionally secure enough to post a status update on Facebook sharing to my friends that I love my mom even if I do, so I wrote a blog about it instead. (This is actually more public than a Facebook post. Hello, strangers!) I know it’s a day late but it’s still Mother’s Day in some parts of the world so Happy Mother’s Day, mother! Here are some of the things that make my mom cool, and not ironically cool like Amy Poehler as seen above.

1. She’s a great shopping buddy.

Ladies who don’t go shopping with their moms, you are missing out. Don’t we girls shop together as a bonding exercise? This works the same way with our moms. They have fashion wisdom that you’re not taking advantage of. There have been countless times when my mom bought me something that I thought didn’t look good but once I wore it, it was fabulous. She has an eye for those things. My mom is my shopping conscience. She stops me from compulsively buying clothes that she knows I wouldn’t be able to wear often. At the same time, she encourages me to buy beautiful things that she’s sure I would use even though they’re expensive. So I’m in debt because of her. Thanks, Ma!   

Of course we can’t help that some moms are stuck in old lady fashion. Remember that you don’t always have to shop together for clothes and shoes. If you’re both into cooking, then go crazy at a supermarket. Or buy things for your house, which is what my mom and I also do. She also consults me if she’s deciding on a major purchase like a vehicle or real estate.

2. She introduces the finer things in life.

My mom has shown me the ways of the world. She introduced me to good food and good books. When I started drinking alcohol, she let me taste better drinks—drinks that I would’ve missed because I wouldn’t have been able to afford it. I was contented with Absolut before, but I have moved on to Grey Goose, and now, Belvedere. When my friends started smoking, she suggested that they try her brand because the smell of its smoke doesn’t cling to clothes. And if it weren’t for my mother, I wouldn’t actively seek out hotels just to pee in their fancy restrooms. 

It may sound like my mom is a bad influence and in her defense, I would just like to state that I only started drinking when I was 18. I drink once a month at the most. And I don’t smoke. My point is that your kids will eventually try to experiment on drinking and smoking too. I’m not saying for you to support your kids’ vices, but reprimanding them won’t help much either, unless they’re becoming excessive. Remember the saying “Habang pinipigil, lalong nanggigigil.” You moms were young once too and more often than not, you have dabbled in those things as well. Maybe even worse. Would you have stopped if your mother told you not to do those things?   

3. She’s friends with my friends.

Maybe “friends” is a strong word, but what do you call a person who gets along with another person, can share a drink together and talk about issues in life? If you find a word for it, that’s the relationship my mom and my friends have. This can be awkward and great at the same time. It’s awkward because you still have to filter what you’re going to say when she’s around. And it’s great because she gives sage advice. You know those times when we get depressed or worried because we feel like our lives are not going the way we want it? That quarter-life crisis we keep spouting? It’s a relief to hear an experienced adult say that we should calm down. Or that we could make it past the problems we’re having. Or that there are worse things in life. And it’s great to hear her tell her story which is oftentimes more haggard than ours. She gives a different perspective because she’s been there.

4. She doesn’t give off a mom vibe.

Despite my mom being a cool mom, I still see her primarily as my mom and not as a friend. But this specific “cool mom” point came from my friends who said that they feel comfortable talking to her because she doesn’t give off a mom vibe. She’s more liberal-minded compared to other moms. For them, being with my mom is just like hanging out with an older, single woman whose daughter they just happen to be friends with.

Ma, if you’re reading this, Happy Mother’s day again. See you in June for more shopping and eating.


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