Let’s get this hetero straight.

I have a theory that homosexuality is an evolutionary mechanism designed to hinder procreation as a direct reaction to overpopulation. An implication of my theory is that I consider homosexuals as advanced beings compared to heterosexuals in that their sexual orientation and inability to reproduce with same-sex partners are their tools to keep humans from extinction by not adding more people to squander the earth’s resources. It is a stupid theory because 1) homosexuals can still opt to procreate with the opposite sex and 2) that homosexuality was prevalent, sometimes even venerated, hundreds of years ago in many ancient societies even before overpopulation became an issue.

Ask any of your gay or lesbian friends why they chose to be gay and you will surely get some major bitch slappin’. Homosexuality is not a choice. “Coming out” should not even be a thing. I mean, do heterosexual men and women “come out?” Do they have to announce to the world, “Hey, I’m a straight man?” Yet we expect our gay friends to clear it up for us if they prefer the same sex. And if it were a choice, why do gulls, black swans and male sheep have homosexual tendencies?  We had two male dogs who were brothers, and they’re incestuous gay dogs! Are we saying these animals have free will now?

So if homosexuality is not a choice and homosexuals can’t extend the line of their “species” through reproduction with each other, why do we still have homosexuals? I read before that scientists are trying to look for a “gay gene” to explain the whole phenomenon of homosexuality. So far, what they’ve found is that it might not be an issue of genetics after all but of epigenetic marks or epi-marks:

‘To be specific, the new theory suggests that homosexuality is caused by epigenetic marks, or “epi-marks,” related to sensitivity to hormones in the womb. These are compounds that sit on DNA and regulate how active, or inactive certain genes are, and also control when during development these genes are most prolific. Gavrilets and his colleagues believe that gene expression may regulate how a fetus responds to testosterone, the all-important male sex hormone. They further argue that epi-marks may help to buffer a female fetus from high levels of testosterone by suppressing receptors that respond to testosterone, for example, (thus ensuring normal fetal development even in the presence of a lot of testosterone) or to buffer a male fetus from low levels of testosterone by upregulating receptors that bind to the hormone (ensuring normal fetal development even in the absence of high levels of testosterone). Normally, these epi-marks are erased after they are activated, but if those marks are passed down to the next generation, the same epi-marks that protected a man in utero may cause oversensitivity to testosterone among his daughters, and the epi-marks that protected a woman in utero may lead to undersensitivity to testosterone among her sons.’

(Source: http://healthland.time.com/2012/12/13/new-insight-into-the-epigenetic-roots-of-homosexuality/#ixzz2acno1Wsq)

‘Thus, if an epi-mark that kept a mother from getting exposed to high testosterone in development gets passed on to her son—the opposite sex—it could desensitize him to testosterone, contributing to his sexual preference for men. Similarly, if a male-specific epi-mark from dad gets passed to a daughter, it could “masculinize” her sexual preference, making her more interested in women.’

(Source: http://www.foxnews.com/health/2012/12/11/homosexuality-ultimately-result-gene-regulation-researchers-find/#ixzz2acq9aWOg)

To oversimplify things, and for us to marvel at the irony of it, the thing that made someone hetero-straight, if not erased, is the same thing that can make your child a homosexual. And just so we can be clear on the blame game, if your son is gay, it’s the mother’s fault. And if your daughter is a lesbian, it’s the father’s fault.

Conservatives don’t appreciate research on a biological basis for homosexuality, but I can see them using this same research to strengthen their argument that homosexuality is a “disease.” But that would be like saying having dimples, widow’s peak or green eyes are diseases just because they’re an aberration.

Some members of the gay and lesbian community don’t appreciate being subjects of this scientific research. It just makes them feel more different. But for me, knowing why you are the way you are is crucial to your existence. It helps us understand why we act a certain way or do certain things. This research also provides a sound theory that homosexuality is not a choice. And that’s a big deal because I’m sure there are still gay and lesbian kids out there who are being made to believe otherwise. And if I had a gay son or daughter who asks me what homosexuality is and why it occurs, at least I can provide facts and not a half-assed explanation like “because god made you that way.” Let’s be honest here, god isn’t as tolerant or forgiving to gays, no matter what the current Pope says.


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