Do you still watch TV?

In days of yore, watching television was the most popular pastime in the world. (Obviously I’m making this up but that’s what it felt like to me. Let me have this.) Owning a television back then meant that you’ve made it. Or at least you’re on your way to making it that your next logical purchase after a television set would be a car. Given our situation back then, I don’t know how we even managed to own a Sony TV. I wax nostalgic whenever I see a television with a sticker that had those dots telling me that “It’s a Sony.”

Remember this, guys?

My earliest TV experience I can remember was watching Sarah: Ang Munting Prinsesa with my cousins. We knew that it was time for Sarah because it came right after the 3 o’clock prayer. Our TV stand was not very ergonomic in that we call it a stand. It was so high that if you watch for too long, your neck would be stiff. We didn’t have TV when we moved into a new apartment so there was a point when we would watch Power Rangers every Friday night sitting on the doorstep of our neighbor. Now I may be over-dramatizing when I say that we had to watch from the neighbor’s door because we didn’t have TV. I just can’t remember if we had to do it because we didn’t have TV at the time or the adults just wouldn’t let us watch Power Rangers because it was in the same time slot as one of Juday’s teleseryes.

Watching TV was the greatest thing. We had quality shows like Hiraya Manawari, Sineskwela, Remi and all the ’90s cartoons. And I never thought it could get any better until we got cable. Oh, it was such a joy to discover that there is an entire channel dedicated to cartoons. And that you could watch movies without being disrupted by commercials. And the best thing of all is that there can be such a thing as a karaoke channel. A KARAOKE CHANNEL, PEOPLE! Get psyched! During the first few weeks we had cable, we would post the movies being shown on HBO on our refrigerator and have a movie marathon every Sunday. We bonded over Jurassic Park, Forrest Gump or The Karate Kid 1, 2 and 3. My mom and I probably also took Gilmore Girls a little too personally because of the single-mom-and-only-daughter story line.

We still have cable but I almost never watch shows on TV anymore. Cable can no longer dictate what shows I could watch and when I could watch them because I get my fix of these things from the comfort of my laptop. What I do miss about watching TV though is the conversation during the show. Last night my friends and I were watching this ridiculous movie Born to Love You on Cinema One starring Coco Martin and Angeline Quinto, and everyone was shouting at the screen either because of Coco’s stupid bangs or the cringe-worthy lines. It was fun. I missed that. These days, we’re usually alone when we watch shows and we share it with people who watch it alone themselves. We tweet or post status updates of our reactions hoping that someone can relate. Sometimes you even have to censor your comments because not everyone has caught up yet to the latest episode or season. And sometimes you feel really alone in your love for a TV series knowing that none of the people you know personally can hug you once the last episode of The Office finally airs. During those times I just want things to be simple again that come Monday when you go back to school, you can just talk about the latest episode of Power Rangers and how cute Kimberly is.


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