Yeah, Bitch! Breaking Bad!

The latest episode of Breaking Bad ended with tons of gunfire. Walter, Jesse and Hank are still alive but you know someone’s going to die. I’m hoping it’s Gomez but only because I don’t want it to be Hank or Jesse. I know all you Team Heisenberg feel for Walter especially when we remember him in his tighty whities in Season 1. And I appreciate that he’s sort of a self-made man. He only relied on his evil science knowledge to build himself a meth empire. But come on now. All bad things must come to an end and Walter has become the literal worst.

That is one of the amazing things about Breaking Bad. The characters are so well-written and well-played that you could empathize with them as humans. Hank embodies what a three-dimensional character is. He started as Walter’s douche-y brother-in-law who got his mind fucked up after that Tortuga incident. I believe his relationship with Marie. He just became more real to me as the seasons progressed. Even that klepto nag Marie became endearing. As for Skyler, I always found her annoying because she’s so fucking self-righteous. And I can’t even begin to describe how unbelievable Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are. I wouldn’t be able to give it justice.

There’s really no question that all the actors in Breaking Bad are just fucking amazing. All of them. Even the dead ones. The question really is how will all these bad things come to an end? Jesse has decided to go head-to-head against Walter. And even with Hank’s help, I’m not sure he will succeed. They’re just making things up as they go along. They don’t even have a Plan B. Many wiser people have died underestimating Heisenberg so this does not really bode well for Team Schrader.

And even if Hank is successful in capturing Walter, what if they go on a jury trial and Walter uses his cancer card? He’s going to manipulate that jury just like how he manipulated Jesse all these seasons. And remember that Walter has that tape blaming everything on Hank? Imagine Hank being his douche-y self again trying to be all defensive and losing his shit. But if we could only let the jury watch Breaking Bad from Season 1 to 5, they would know that Hank is not a bad guy! And if Walter ends up dying, it doesn’t mean the bad things will end because we still have Lydia, Todd’s uncles, and all the small time meth dealers trying to usurp Walter’s throne. Ugh.

I’m so frustrated I want to do this.

Honestly, I don’t know what I want to happen to Walter. I just want him to leave quietly and not endanger Jesse’s life anymore. He’s done far too much damage on this kid. And if we think about it, what makes Walter scary is not that he can make homemade explosives or ricin; he wreaks more havoc when he opens his mouth and fucks with people’s heads. I’m scared for Jesse, Hank, Marie, Skyler and the kids. I’m scared for all us. I’m scared of the void that will be left once Breaking Bad ends.

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