Hippie Dippie Girl

In case you didn’t know, I’m a fashion maven. I’ve been itching to do a fashion blog because it involves two things that I love—dressing up and having my picture taken. For a while I was content doing mirror selfies and #ootd’s. But sometimes, one mirror selfie is not enough. Sometimes there’s more to your outfit that you want to share but can’t because you run the risk of being obnoxious. So I’ve decided to dedicate the next three to four posts to fashion.

I’m excited. Let’s revel in my amateur attempts at vanity, guys. Remember to not take everything seriously because I certainly wasn’t.



I went to Forever 21 last Friday and was surprised to see a lot of daisy-printed clothes. Based on his, I deduced that daisies are on-trend probably because it’s summer. I rarely wear anything trendy because 1) I don’t know what’s trendy, 2) they rarely look good on me and, 3) I don’t want to buy anything that would look “out-of-fashion” in a few months. So I’m surprised that I actually own something that would be considered “in fashion.”

I love this Forever 21 skirt because it’s so flowy and girly but at the same time looks amazing with boots. I’m really into the feminine-but-badass aesthetic so I just had to buy it. I have also been coveting a long-skirt-with-slit situation for a while so this fit the bill. When you start walking and the hem starts swaying, you can’t help but feel good about yourself.

The long strand leaf necklace is also from Forever 21.

This shot with the falling leaves is lovely but let me tell you, I was so worried that those leaves might’ve been peed on. I looked at the leaves before I picked them up. They were dry. But you can never really be sure. I was too afraid to smell them. Ugh. Fashion is hard, you guys.

My friend Mafi and I did the photo shoot in front of the College of Mass Communication in UP Diliman. Our peg was peaceful-looking, nature-loving hippie, hence, the contemplative and touching-whatever-belongs-to-nature poses.

Headband from Landmark

Let’s admit it; the only thing that makes this look hippie-ish is that fake flower headband and it’s not even that effective. But let’s stretch our imaginations here, okay? I mean, I would still totally blend in if I time-traveled to the 70s, right?

Laughing my head off whenever I look at this because this image is the antithesis of me.

Basic white tank top from Gap

I love these lace-up Ecco boots I bought in Hong Kong. One of my fashion philosophies is if you’re going to spend a lot on clothes or accessories, make sure it’s something you can wear all the time. I have worn these boots at least once a week ever since I got them so I’m really happy that I got to maximize my investment.

They go with almost anything and I can’t emphasize how comfortable they are to wear. True story: I once wore these boots for almost twenty-four hours last December. My right pinky toe went numb but that’s probably because I was dancing for two hours.

Mafi and I were ecstatic with this Mary Poppins-inspired photo. I’m floating and my limbs are elongated. Tyra Banks would be so proud. I wish the boots would’ve been more visible but other than that, it’s a lovely shot.

Here’s my happy dance after we finished our photo shoot. Look how fucking graceful I am. Like a fucking gazelle, I swear to god.

Photos by Elaine Tacubanza


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