Scene: December 31, 2013, at home

I still don’t have a polka dotted outfit to wear for New Year’s Eve. Lord knows I need luck and money for 2014. I have to find something new with polka dot prints.

I’ve been eyeing this navy blue, polka dotted Cotton On dress for quite some time now. The fabric is light so it would be perfect for summer. At the same time it looks good with my boots and black Levi’s biker jacket on. Maybe I can push it as an outfit for work.

Scene: Cotton On, SM Megamall, 2nd floor, building A

There’s a navy blue, polka dotted dress here but it’s not the style I want. Where is it? Did they already run out of stock? That would make sense because it was a cute dress. A lot of people would’ve bought it for the same reason I’m looking for it now.

“Do you have a branch in Shangri-la Mall?” I ask the saleslady. She said they don’t have one, only Cotton On Kids. I’m not willing to drive to Greenbelt just for a dress. And the stores might be closed by the time I get there anyway.

Gaaaahd… Why didn’t I buy that dress when I tried it on and saved myself all this trouble? Ugh. Let’s just look for another dress at a different store.

Forever 21 it is.

[End scene.]

That’s the story behind this jumpsuit. It was a polka dot substitute. I thought the colorful flower print is celebratory enough to welcome 2014. Besides, polka dot prints become irrelevant after New Year’s Eve anyway.

This outfit would be perfect when your boyfriend takes you to meet his friends. It’s conservative at the top but with a lot of leg. It’s comfortable so you don’t have to fuss too much. It’s dressy enough for a fancy dinner and casual enough if you decide to go to a bar or club after. It will make you feel pretty and girly, and your date will protectively hold you near him all time in case any of his friends gets any funny ideas.

If that boy does not cling to you like an overly attached child when you have this jumpsuit and heels combination on, you should be worried. Or maybe you’re just not that kind of couple. I would not know.

Why is my boyfriend not all crazy touchy when I look this good? I will make him regret this.

Mafi and I shot this at the parking lot of the newly constructed Electrical and Electronics Engineering Institute in UP Diliman. Our original plan was to hold the photo shoot at the College of Science Ampitheater but a lot of cyclists were hanging out there that morning. I chickened out. I didn’t want an audience so we settled here.

It was only 8 am when we shot this but it was already so hot. It’s hard to smile when you’re being asked to look directly to the sunlight and have it slowly burn your eyes. Unfortunately that’s the angle that will make you look good so you have to endure. Like what Tyra Banks always says: Find the light.

The struggle is real.

The guard of the building kept pestering us during the shoot. I didn’t know what his issue was. We weren’t bothering anyone. It’s not like we’re taking pictures of the facilities inside. Did we need to get a permit to take pictures of a wall in UP now? Are there clues engraved on that wall which leads to a National Treasure sort of hunt that needs to be kept secret? Was anyone complaining from the EEE community? He pissed me off.

We shot there for thirty minutes and the guard circled us like a vulture the entire time. When we were wrapping up our last few photos, he annoyed us one last time by asking how long we still have to shoot. We asked him why does he need to know and he mumbled something about being captured in the CCTV camera. So fucking what? Isn’t that the entire point of having a CCTV camera? Based on his answer, we weren’t even violating anything.

Fierceness inspiration: EEE guard

Enough about the guard. This is supposedly a fashion blog post and we would be remiss if we didn’t mention where I got these clothes from. Like I said earlier, the jumpsuit is from Forever 21. The suede, peep toe platform pumps are from Zara.

I love the snake details of the heel. Don’t go looking for these shoes at Zara though. I bought this pair last 2011 and I’m positive they’re off the shelves.

Because of the print of the dress, I didn’t accessorize heavily anymore. I just wore a stainless steel necklace and white gold diamond ring from Singapore.

And to quote the infinitely wise Forrest Gump, that’s all I have to say about that. Until the next post, guys!


Photos by Elaine Tacubanza


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