“Sometimes you gotta run before you can walk.” – Tony Stark

When my friend Mafi and I were planning our fashion blog collaboration, I was a little apprehensive when she said that one of the locations where she wanted to shoot was at a bridge. It was my first time doing something like this and I kinda wanted to take it easy. You know, build confidence in an intimate space before going all out in public. But she was adamant. She said it’ll be fine and it’s going to look great. So I said, “Whatever. Let’s do it.” And I’m glad we pushed that idea to happen.

Fun fact: Mafi and I shot all three outfits (Hippie Dippie Girl, Wallflower) in one day.

I knew some of the pedestrians and motorists would turn their heads, wolf-whistle or say something annoying once we started shooting at the bridge so I wore something that felt like an armor. I wanted to be able to give the side eye or look fierce/angry if anyone was rude to me or Mafi. At the same time, I wanted to channel that energy to work with the entire look. This limited edition top from Soignée Clothing did the trick.

Forever 21 skirt, Ecco boots

Remember when I wrote how I liked the feminine-but-badass aesthetic? Well, the owner of Soignée Clothing, who’s also my friend, knows that. She showed me this top and said “This is so you.” I had to get it.

This long-sleeved top looks so cool and chic. You can wear it to work with a pencil skirt or even a dress. Wear it with a mini-skirt like the one in the photo and you’re ready for a girls’ night out. And with a pair of fitted black pants, it’s perfect for a concert. You can really go both ends of the badass-feminine spectrum with this top.

I love the different textures of the leather and the fishnet combined. The irregularly-shaped hemline also adds character. It’s just so versatile and beautiful.

To complete the warrior look, I wore my favorite black Ecco lace up boots,  this pair of clip-on metal earrings from Mango and an M)phosis ring with tiny spikes. Sadly, we forgot to take a close-up shot of the ring.

This will be my last fashion blog post for a while. I enjoyed it a lot and will definitely do more in the future. I loved that I got to work on this with my friends. Thank you, Allan and Mafi for bearing with me every time I bothered you to submit your stuff.

It’s great to have other people invested in your work and what the end result will be. When I write about non-fashion-related stuff, I sometimes feel alone because it’s just me, my thoughts, and the computer.

I know some of you visited because of the photos but I hope you enjoyed the writing as well. The next theme we’re planning will be more challenging than waking up at three in the morning to put on make-up, posing in front of strangers or staring directly at the sun. But like what I said to Mafi, “Whatever. Let’s do it.”

On to the next adventure

Photos by Elaine Tacubanza


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